Male anorgasmia is a disorder of diverse origin (psychological, hormonal, neurological or pharmacological) that causes the absence or decrease in intensity of the orgasms of those who suffer from it.It should be noted that the most severe form of anorgasmia, in which the orgasms directly disappear, is the rarest, the most common being the one in which the intensity decreases.“I have always enjoyed my relationships, from when I was practically a teenager until many years after I got married, had children and became independent. However, for a few months, I have noticed that my orgasms are not what they used to be: they have lost intensity and I hardly feel any pleasure. It's bad? Does it have a solution?"In this article, Dr P K Gupta, sexologist in Delhi, aims to provide answers to these very common questions: what causes male anorgasmia? Does it have a solution?


WHAT IS THE CAUSE OF MALE ANORGASMIA?The most common causes are the following:PSYCHOLOGICAL CAUSESPeriods of continued stress as well as depressive states usually cause a pronounced decrease in libido. As a consequence of this loss of desire, the relationships that occur in these periods usually produce less intense orgasms. In these cases, if the amount of stress experienced is very high, or if the depression is very acute, there could be periods in which the absence of orgasms occurs. In general, once stress and/or depression are left behind, the pleasure, intensity and quality of orgasms return to what it was. Remember that at sexologist clinic in Delhi we have an exclusive online sexology service that can help you overcome anorgasmia due to psychological causes.HORMONAL CAUSESAnother of the most frequent causes is the drop in testosterone levels. As you know, although this situation is common in people over fifty years of age, it can occur at any stage of a man's life. If this drop in testosterone is pronounced, we can speak of hypogonadism, which causes symptoms such as: • tiredness and/or fatigue • lack of desire • loss of intensity in orgasms • humor changes • weight gain NEUROLOGICAL AND AUTOIMMUNE CAUSESTransverse myelitis or multiple sclerosis are just some of the diseases related to anorgasmia. In this case, the loss of intensity or the absence of orgasm would be due to the inability of the prostate nerves to transmit the impulses due to the spinal cord. In diabetic men with very advanced stages of the disease, it can also cause anorgasmia due to the lack of irrigation of the nerves by hardened veins and arteries. Despite everything, these are the less common causes of this problem. PHARMACOLOGICAL CAUSESThis is perhaps the most common cause of loss of orgasms or their quality and/or intensity. The abusive consumption of alcohol and other recreational drugs (such as marijuana), as well as the intake of antidepressant and/or anxiolytic medications, usually affect the quality of sexual life in general and, of course, can also cause male anorgasmia. In the case of male anorgasmia caused by drugs, it disappears when the consumption of these is stopped. WHAT IS THE SOLUTION FOR MALE ANORGASMIA?Luckily, anorgasmia has a solution, and this will depend, in each case, on its origin. IF THE ORIGIN IS PSYCHOLOGICALIdeally, a suitable and professional solution would be found for problems of a mental nature, especially if we are not able to relativize and carry out the necessary analysis and changes to improve our state of mental health. Therefore, our recommendation, if you are going through a period of great stress or experiencing symptoms of depression that take their toll on your sexual life, is that you contact a sexologist in Delhi. Your self-esteem and your relationships will thank you.At our clinic we have an expert sexologist in Delhi that will help you improve your self-esteem and your state of mental health in general.IF THE ORIGIN IS HORMONALIn the same way, if the origin of anorgasmia is a decrease in testosterone, only a solution aimed at restoring these values will be satisfactory. If you have always enjoyed your relationships until at a given moment you have begun to feel a lack of desire and a low intensity in your orgasms, we invite you to carry out this simple hypogonadism test that will help you to know the probabilities that this loneliness is the origin of your situation. WHETHER THE ORIGIN IS NEUROLOGICAL OR AUTOIMMUNEIn this case, once the autoimmune or neurological disease has been diagnosed, it would be convenient to consult with the specialist and for him or her to recommend what steps to take next in pursuit of a treatment that not only helps with the disease to be treated but also treats to alleviate the inconveniences that may arise at a sexual level. IF THE ORIGIN IS PHARMACOLOGICALIn most cases, the solution of male anorgasmia caused by the consumption of alcohol, drugs and/or other drugs, necessarily involves stopping consuming these substances. In some specific cases, when the problem is caused by the prescribed taking of a specific medication to treat or alleviate another disease, it is necessary to have a conversation with the best sexologist in Delhi who is treating us to, if possible, try to find other alternatives that do not produce side effects such as anorgasmia.


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